My dearest blue

photo by flickr user tobyjm

The time has come to say farewell, my dearest blue
My sweetie fly
I’ve raised you from infancy these past few days,
Unwitting though I may have been
On table scraps you grew strong and healthy, shiny and new
Those meals, countless now, sticky apricots and pears, a sip of cider here and there,
Just a nibble, just a taste of waste
Between the kitchen and the hall you flew, o blue, turning our heads and our hearts, round and round at the sound
And around and around.
But no more shall you alight on my compost pail
Rubbing your hands with ill-concealed glee
You tiny hipster, you enigmatic connoisseur
With your five-star reviews and your fairy wings
Puking on things just to eat them
All organic, or so you say
Are you a part of this great cycle? Why not you the poster boy for pollination, why not you the keeper of our plantations;
When everyone laments the bees, do their words not leave a sting?

But no more, not here, not now.

No longer will you dance across the glass, your head a soft staccato beat, trying in vain to break yourself free
from this, your sweet nightmare of Euclidean geometry

No more will you goad the cat into awkward gymnastics beneath your wayward spastic flight

My friend, my guest, my failing grade:

The window stands open, and I behind with paper raised in grim salute, waving you on with the force of a thousand hurricanes
The time has come to say farewell, my dearest blue
Our destinies no longer quite entwined
For I am only human, and you? Well:
The window stands open, and you must fly.

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