At the risk of sounding too philosophical for a photoblog, I'm going to tell you a little story about light, time, and me.

Light radiates from our sun at about 300,000 kilometres per second. Most of that light is destined to shine out for billions of years through the depths of space, but a small fraction lands on Earth instead. When those rays arrive to light up our world, they are fresh and new, only eight minutes old. Light is intwined with time - the constant of our universe, the delight of hair-tussled scientists, the speed limit of reality. If you beat the speed of light, you could beat time itself. You can't, of course... but photography lets you cheat.

So, my name is Joseph McLean. Ever since my first brownie camera, I've played at catching light in a box and showing it off to whoever would pay attention. We all work in light, but I thought you might enjoy some of my own perspectives.

If you'd like to buy a print, feel free to contact me. I use archival Epson inks & papers, up to 13x19". I do own the copyrights, so you should ask my permission before using an image somewhere.


Joseph McLean


Making a website is easy when you stand on the shoulders of giants. Thank you Pixelpost, world-class photoblog software, and to your community for the great add-ons and templates. Thank you Adobe Lightroom and BBEdit, there can be no subsitutes. Iconza and famfamfam provided high quality, utterly free icon suites. Groovehsark kept it all together with fantastic music. Apple and Nikon made the hardware look easy. My out-of-pocket expenses for this project were $0, and the web is a wonderful place.

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